JanaRoos - Sweaters and T-shirts - DurabilityDurability pursuit is a conviction. From the correct treatment of employees to respecting the environment. Because we are not the last generation to walk the earth and because our conscience must finally start to play.

At the start of setting up the brand JanaRoos we had to make a lot of choices. We chose to pay as much attention as possible to low impact of our product and production process on the environment. Obviously there will always be circumstances we cannot control as a team. Therefore we can't offer a 100% ecologically responsible product. We can, however, sincerely say that we have done as much as possible to make our products sustainable and durable.

JanaRoos - T-shirts and sweaters - durability - flowers - summerThis starts with the choice of our manufacturers T-shirts and sweaters:

For the T-shirts and women's Sweaters we chose the brand Stanley & Stella. This Belgian brand has been in existence for more than 25 years.  Stanley & Stella guarantee quality T-shirts and sweaters made of 100% organic cotton. They have important quality labels like Oeko tex, Fair wear, GOTS (global organic textile standard), ...  We are therefore proud to work with them.

For the unisex sweaters we are working with Anvil. This company is also very much into responsible textiles. They also obtained the necessary certificates including the Oeko tex label. Working with them has been a pleasure.

Our children-sweater provider is 'just hoods' by AWDis. This company only works with the best 'WRAP' (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified factories. The Wrap label combines 12 diffrent principles (environment, health, safetly, ...) to be as fair as possible to anyone and anything. This is what makes just hoods such a great partner. We hugely trust in their expertise. 

As far as the printing of the T-shirts, transport, packaging, ... is concerned, we have always taken into account the environment as much as possible.

By this means we hope to contribute in our way. At you service!

The JanaRoos team.