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'Stekeblind' 4Hoog

It was an incredible honor to design the costumes for this beautiful theater piece by '4Hoog'

Everything starts with a letter.
From hedgehog to mole.
He wants to be with her.
Drink tea together and watch out of the window.
Counting sheep and fall asleep together

Stekeblind is a story of love.
Stekeblind is Romeo and Julia for toddlers

Stekeblind theatre play decor toddler hedgehog mole love

Stekeblind theatre toddler mailman cap play

Stekeblind theatre toddler mailman mole play letter

Stekeblind theatre play toddler mailman post toddlers

Stekeblind theatre play toddler hedgehog mole brush thoot thootbrush

Stekeblind theatre play tea toddler hedgehog mole love
copyright Jeroen Vanneste

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