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Coffee Owl

'Hand drawn owl with a touch of coffee'

The creation of the 'Coffee Owl' concept is a fun story based on a lot of coincidence:

Every time I start drawing Illustrations I pour myself a nice hot cup of coffee. This blissful habit is not always without any risk. One day, when working on a drawing of an owl, I pushed over my cup. Coffee started pouring out. I watched it flow as it formed a coffee spot on my whole drawing.

There I sat, struck down, with my hands before my eyes. I did not dare looking how much damage was caused. When I finally dared to open my eyes again I noticed that the spilled coffee accompanied the owl quite well. So I took my pencil and started painting with the coffee. That’s how, by pure coincidence a concept was created.

The coffee owl was born. The choice of color for the Coffee owl T-shirt was not a hard one to make. Say for yourself, what better to match with coffee than chocolate.

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  • Mooi verhaal!
    Hoe creativiteit en toeval soms hand in hand gaan voor een knap resultaat.

    lydia wuyts

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